Changes to Illinois Equal Pay Act

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Illinois has adopted 237 new laws that will go into effect in 2016. Some are lighthearted such as:

  • Illinois has officially designated Pumpkin Pie as the official pie of the State. That’s right, Illinois is the main producer of pumpkins in the country, far outdistancing California!
  • It will now be legal, for a short window of time, to hunt bobcats in Illinois. The State had banned bobcat hunting since 1972!

More importantly, for business owners and employees, there is a change in the Equal Pay Act (the “Act”). First passed in 2003, the Act was designed to bring women’s wages up to a fair level with wages earned by men. The Act prohibited Illinois employers with four or more employees from paying unequal wages to males and female employees performing the same or substantially similar work, as long as the employees both work in the same county. The Act has been amended for 2016 to remove the 4 employee limitation so that the prohibition applies to an employer regardless of the number of employees he or she has. The Act has further been amended to apply differing civil penalties based on the number of employees employed by the business. Employers should also be aware that back in 2013, the Act was changed to allow for individual liability. Prior to that time, officers of a corporation or agents could not be held individually liable to pay wages owed for violations of the Act by the employer.

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