Arbitrator At Your Service!!!!


Just a short announcement to let you know that today Bill Boznos participated as an Arbitrator to help resolve a dispute among warring parties to a construction contract dispute. The arbitration program is offered through the Circuit Court of DuPage County and is mandatory for certain types of cases. Arbitration is a dispute resolution mechanism that can greatly speed up the outcome of a trial and usually results in the parties agreeing to come to terms on relief without having to go through the time, expense and inconvenience of  full blown litigation.

Serving as an Arbitrator is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. It is just another tool that Boznos Law has which demonstrates our commitment to the law and the depth of the professionals in the firm. We also offer our services to help resolve family owned business disputes (hopefully without having to resort to the Court process). Whether you have a business dispute or an employment related matter, the services of a strong negotiator who will push for an even and  fair resolution can be invaluable. Please consider our firm in the future and give us a call!


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