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Job Offer Letters

  What to Include in an Offer Letter An Offer Letter is a formal offer of employment to a job applicant. It is used to

It’s Going to Cost How Much??????

IT’S GOING TO COST HOW MUCH??????? As an employer, you’ve just received either a Summons and Complaint or Notification of a Charge of Discrimination filed

Arbitrator At Your Service!!!!

  Just a short announcement to let you know that today Bill Boznos participated as an Arbitrator to help resolve a dispute among warring parties

Top 10 Discrimination Claims in 2017

2017’s Top Employment Discrimination Claims             As you may know, Boznos Law is a law firm located in Naperville, concentrating in the labor and employment

Rise of the Nonbinary Employee!

Employers, how many of you are still using “M” or “F” designations on your applications, benefit forms, training materials, or throughout your handbooks? WAKE UP!

Calculating FMLA Time During the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again… No not the shopping crush (although it’s that as well!), but the time that drives all businesses, their Human Resources Departments or office administrators crazy

Long Term Leave NOT Required under ADA

In an absolutely mind-blowing decision, the Seventh Circuit (which encompasses Illinois) has ruled that a long term leave of absence is NOT a reasonable accommodation which employers must offer under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

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