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DACA’s Risks for Employers

The End of DACA and the Serious Risks Faced by Employers             Recently, the Trump Administration announced it was going to end the Deferred Action

Happy Labor Day, NOT!!!!

  Green Card Applicants Facing New Hurdles October 1, 2017 Deadline Looms Employers Should Plan Ahead!   The labor market is showing strength. The latest

Biometrics – The New Frontier

  Biometrics – Who’s Watching Who?     Accurately capturing an employee’s time on the job has been a challenge for most employers. In the

Is the ADEA Showing its Age?

  Is the ADEA Showing its Age?   Hard to believe but we are coming up on the 50th anniversary of the Age Discrimination in

Is Comp Time Coming To Your Workplace?

LEGISLATIVE ALERT Comp. Time in Lieu of Overtime?   As a general reminder, private employers are not allowed to offer their employees compensatory time (“comp

Nasty Pile Up at the Intersection of Divorce and Estate Planning

Everything was great while you were married. You and your spouse planned for a long life together. You even made plans (hopefully) for distribution of your assets after you die through a will or a trust agreement. You named each other as beneficiaries on insurance plans and retirement instruments.

Are Non-Competes Right For Your Company?

Non-Compete Agreements or Non-Disclosure Agreements are vehicles used to restrict the work an employee can perform for another employer after he or she leaves his current employer.

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